Automatic Horizontal Wrapping Machine KS-208S
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Outstanding Features
  • Equipped with a microcomputer for bag length control. Bag length is conveniently set on the control panel without wasting packaging film.
  • The imported frequency inverter provides convenient and fast production rate adjustment on the control panel.
  • Stainless steel machine frame is easy to clean and resists dust contamination. The machine is especially ideal for food and medical packaging applications.
  • Bag length , speed and count are digitally displayed for easy identification
  • When the machine stops, sealing mechanism opens automatically to prevent melt film contamination.
  • High precision photocell tracing system provides convenient cutting position adjustment without waste of packaging film.
  • When film runs out of breaks, the machine stops automatically.
  • Jog motion control for clockwise and counter-clockwise running. Troubleshooting can be accomplished in only 10 seconds.
  • Compact machine structure saves space. User-friendly controller assures convenient and efficient operations.
  • 采用微电脑袋长控制器,袋长可直接在控制面板按键设定,操控简易,不浪费包装材料。
  • 本机采用原装进口变频器,生产速度可由控制面板调正,方便快速。
  • 机体为不锈钢构造,容易清理,干净,清洁,不易沾污垢。适合食品,医疗品包装。
  • 袋长,速度,计数为数值显示,一目了然。
  • 停机时封口自动打开,彻底免除胶膜热熔沾污之毛病。
  • 高精度电眼追踪系统,切割位置校正方便,不浪费包装材料。
  • 胶膜用完或断裂时,机械立刻自动停止。
  • 具正转寸动,反转寸动功能,十秒内故障排除,即可回复正常运转。
  • 机体结构紧密,大幅节省安装空间,人性化操作特性,简易,高效率。

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