DEC-100S DAIEI Reconditional Shaomai Forming Machine
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  1. Compact Size with High Performance
    DEC-100S is a fully automatic Shaomai making machine with compact size, only need 1 m2 space for installation. This machine work with stable production process by making beautiful dough sheets, feeding ingredients with accurate quantity, forming straight and prim Shaomai. In addition, this machine can line up Shaomai automatically.
  2. Turning Disk Design and High Capacity
    DEC-100S equipped with the turning disk design for shaomai forming, it can make two pieces Shaomai at one time. The high production capacity is approximately 5,400 pcs / hour.
  3. Easy Operation & Cleaning
    For preparation before production, will need to put the dough and filling into the specific hopper separately. The whole production process is controlled by switch to offer easy working conditions. The cleaning can be completed by simple steps, use air spray to clean sheeting system, then take apart the filling system with turning disk to rinse off.

Product Weight : 12 - 40g
Capacity : 5,400 pcs / hr
Machine Dimension : L1190 x W915 x H1900 / mm; 600 kg
Electricity : 3 Phase, 220V, 2.5KW


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