SLBX-189 Maamoul/Mooncake Production Line
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Suitable Products:
Maamoul, Mooncake, Two-Color Cookie, Panda Cookie, Filled Cookie, Flower Cookie, Bar Cookie.

  1. The production line is multi-functional, It includes Multi-functional Encrusting Machine, Stamping Machine and Arraging Machine .
  2. By changing devices, it can produce Bar Cookie, Filled Cookie, Flower Cookie, Double-Color Cookie and Fruit Bar.
  3. According to your need, can choose Three-hopper Encrusting Machine to produce Double Filling Product.
  4. By changing molds, it can produce different shape of Biscuit, Maamoul, Filled Cookie, Flower Cookie, Double-Color Cookie, Bar Cookie and Fruit Bar.

  1. 触摸屏、变频器、伺服控制、电脑存储数据、操作简单;
  2. 适合软硬馅料的包制,果仁破损少,出油小,烘烤后口感酥松,回油6快;
  3. 月饼计较准确,花纹清晰;
  4. 排饼位置准确,不变形;

生产效率 (Production Capacity) 1200 - (3600) 5000 个 / 小时 pcs / h
产品重量 (Product Weight) : 30 - 180 克 / 个 g / pc
总功率 (Power) 3.1 KW
机器重量 (Machine Weight) 800 kg
外型尺寸(Overall Dimension) 4700 x 1700 x 1520 mm

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